Sunday, July 20, 2008

WoW your food!

I attended a cooking class this week that's got me all fired up about eating healthy. I think on a scale of 1-10 with 1 being only eating McDonald's to 10 being only eating food that we grow organically in the season that it's grown we probably rate a 6 on the 'healthy' scale. My kids eat fairly well and I cook (generally mostly from scratch) often. We usually have a selection of veggies and fruits with meals and my kids eat them. I sneak veggies into the main dish as well.

This class I attended was fabulous. The presenters discussed ways to lessen the meat that you serve your family and adequately replace the proteins with whole grains- in ways other then in bread! They discussed grains I'd never heard of, and some I had but didn't know the health benefits of. I paid a visit to the health food store and $50 later am ready to start some experimenting.

One of the presenters shared her powerful experience with changing her diet to a higher whole grain diet and it's direct effect on her health. The power of her story is amazing and I've asked her permission in sharing it- and if she approves I will.

I've struggled with a variety of physical ailments, auto immune diseases that seem to come and go without explanation (diseases that shouldn't go once they're diagnosed). My 5 (almost 6) year-old struggles with chronic constipation. If nothing else I'm hoping a diet higher in whole grains (besides wheat) will help her bowels function properly.

I have a tendency to go through phases, to get all excited and fired up- but this is EASY. That's the key. You cook your regular recipes and WoW it in order to up the fiber and the vitamins and minerals and your family won't even know! Wherever you're at you just do a little better.

I'm going to start by discussing some grains that I'm experimenting with- and sharing recipes- the old way and what I've done to Wow it. I'm excited. Hold on tight!


The Morris Fam said...

I'll enjoy this blog I'm sure...WofW is my main cooking goal! I wonder if the presenters have literature/a website or just shared what they learned. I'm excited to see what you share!

Kimberly said...

Fabulous! I'm a long time convert to the concept of a high fiber diet. I've been to the grocery stores in your neck of the woods though - ouch! They don't make it easy down there!

Whole wheat cous-cous is one of my favourite discoveries. So much fiber and protein and zero sugar!

Amber said...

The presenters are working on a website- I'll be sure to share it when it's up and running.

Jessica G. said...

Interesting...I really need to be better, too. Can't wait for you to be the guinea pig and tell me what the kids will eat. :)

Hope said...

One switch that has been easy for us is to switch to whole grain pasta. Also 100% whole wheat bread is readily available. When I bake I use whole wheat flour most of the time and it makes even great cookies (but not cake!). If I use white flour, I often add in extra wheat germ to replace the nutrients that have been removed by the processing.

Kate said...

I am excited for recipes. Lets have em! I try to do good but i dont know anything about it. I dont even know whether to buy whole wheat bread or whole grain bread. I am definately starting on the ground floor here. Teach me.

Amanda XOX said...

I sure wish you were my neighbor, but I guess I will admire and learn from afar! I'm excited to try your recipes too! We've started getting excited for food storage, square foot gardening, grinding wheat, and stuff like that just within the past year, so this is right up our alley =o) Thanks!

And my ward will soon be doing a "speed getting to know you" activity for enrichment... thanks for the idea way back in the day!

Mom said...

I'm amazed you've had such good results already! That's amazing! I've been adding quinoa to food since last week, but really haven't noticed a big difference yet. I guess I'm not nearly as hungry and wanting sweets now, so that's a plus. Still tired though.